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Types of Hand Luggage Suitcases to Buy

Posted on December 07 2018

Types of Hand Luggage Suitcases to Buy

Hand luggage suitcases, also known as cabin baggage, are a type of luggage you can carry around in an aeroplane instead of transporting through the cargo compartment. The sizes, dimensions and weight of the luggage sets to be carried depending on the type of airline or transport you’re using. Majority airliners use the measurements 55x40x20 cm. The style of the bag should also fit according to your requirements e.g amount of outside pockets, inside pockets etc... 

Hand luggage's can be of three types:

  1. Hard Shell Carry-on luggage: They protect inner contents better than soft shell luggage. As they are made from hard plastics you can have several finishes such as gloss or matt colours. 
  1. Soft Side Carry-on suitcases: They have a soft exterior and are more lightweight. As these suitcases are made from fabric they have more outer features such as pockets and built on address tags. 
  1. Spinner Carry-on luggage: They have four wheels instead of two.


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