About us

House of Leather prides itself in customer satisfaction and have provided ultimate quality and finishing in leather garments and accessories to customers for over 20 Years. We at House of Leather always cater for both economy and brand conscious buyers at affordable prices.

For over 20 years, we have strived to better our service and with the help of our customers we have become one of UKs leading leather garment and accessories retailers.

We have always believed with Leather, you have a time-less investment and look, which gives a underlined statement.

We use the finest grading in leather, and never compromise with quality.

Always keeping with the latest fashion trends, and always keeping up with movies/ TV shows to provide you with the latest trends on the scenes.

At House of Leather rest assure, your purchase through to delivery will be smooth as our leathers, and service as good quality as our leathers, we have always taken pride in customer service and your custom is what makes our company excel above all.

We have been customers at various retailers, and what has always provided us the confidence to purchase through them is the honest customer service and who go out of their way to provide you with unravelled service.

So we promise to be here to help; it could be anything from recommending according to personality, sizing, etc, whatever the questions or help you require, we will always be here to answer all your questions and queries to give you a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.